Jaron Matthews began his career in the entertainment industry unlike many. Upon attending the University of Georgia in 2012, Jaron majored in broadcast journalism with a minor in theatre. During his time at UGA, he excelled as a production assistant, reporter, and anchor, but he quickly realized that journalism was not his greatest passion.

In 2015, Jaron’s extraordinary work ethic earned him the opportunity to participate in a highly competitive internship program in Los Angeles, CA. After numerous offers and much deliberation, Jaron chose to pursue an internship at a successful talent management firm in West Hollywood. During his internship, Jaron demonstrated his exceptional ability to adjust quickly and excel in the fast-paced “show-biz” environment. This hands-on experience alongside Jaron’s work ethic and unparalleled ability to connect with people provided him the opportunity to intern at two reputable companies upon returning to Georgia.

His performance in Los Angeles led him to intern at J Pervis Talent Agency while completing his undergraduate degree. Jaron’s unrivaled customer service skills and his uncanny ability to assess situations allowed him to rapidly excel. In addition to receiving multiple job offers in both Atlanta and Los Angeles after graduation, Jaron was promoted to Joy Pervis’ assistant. He assisted in working closely with the agency’s top tier talent on projects such as “Stranger Things,” “Chicago PD,” “Outsiders,” “The Walking Dead,” “ATLANTA,” “Underground,” and many more.

Jaron’s dedication, drive, and passion for the industry quickly earned him a top spot as lead agent of the theatrical team at the J Pervis Talent Agency.